How to cop Jordan sneakers this May!

Cop with SoleSlayer!

How to set up SoleSlayer so you don’t miss out!

A detailed guide for another hyped release!

There are many different ways to run a successful release using SoleSlayer, and this guide aims to help you run it the best you possibly can.

Firstly, we recommend using a Smart Release (guest) as it is easier and quicker to set up and outperforms Standard and does not require accounts.

Proxies are required and we recommend using a maximum of a 2:1 task to proxy ratio (for example: 10 tasks to 5 proxies); if you can, run a 1:1 task to proxy ratio. Using good proxies is key and there are many excellent and reliable proxy providers available, including Cookie Proxies. On the subject of proxies, we recommend using a Global Proxy for each release you create. We recommend running as many tasks as your SoleSlayer tier/computer can support (as long as you have a sufficient number of proxies). If you are based outside of the US, please ensure you use US-based proxies.

The product links for each footsite will be available as soon as they are added to each footsite; this is usually 12hrs prior to the release. They will be posted here or you can copy the link directly from the footsite into SoleSlayer. We recommend starting SoleSlayer 15-20 minutes before the release – ‘waiting for countdown’ will be displayed about 10 minutes prior to the release.

Highly anticipated releases can often run for several hours, so we recommend keeping your software running as long as you are able to.

Make sure you take a look at all the documentation available for SoleSlayer and learn how to run a release correctly here.

Footsite Links

Jordan Retro 11 ‘Cap and Gown’

Please ensure you double check the SKU code is correct:

Cap and Gown: 78037005

PLEASE NOTE: If your Footaction link is not showing the countdown timer and/or receiving httperror, use the Footlocker/Eastbay/Champssports link instead (you can still use Footaction as the selected store).


Jeters, Cap and Gown and Homage to Home

Releasing on footsites soon!

The Jordan brand has been ruling the sneaker game this year, with release after release selling out, and they show no sign of slowing down in May.

The Jordan Retro 11 Low ‘Jeters’ will release on Monday 14th May, retailing at $200, whilst the highly anticipated release of the Jordan Retro 1 High OG ‘Homage to Home’ will be releasing on Saturday 19th May at $160. Finishing up the Jordan spring collection at the end of May will be the Jordan Retro 11 ‘Blackout,’ retailing at $250 and releasing on Saturday 26th May.

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