How to cop Supreme Bogos

Cop those Bogos with SupremeSlayer

Supreme Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

Releasing this week!

This year sees a return of the Hooded Sweatshirt, with a neon-themed bogo. Colours vary from black with a neon yellow bogo to a interesting brown and sky blue bogo; whilst the colours are brighter and bolder than recent years, it is unlikely to put off Supreme fans and all colour variations and sizes will sell out in seconds.

The peach bogo was the colour of the moment last season, but this year the grey hooded sweatshirt with an orange bogo seems to be the most popular colourway. Thanks can go to legendary skater Jason Dill for his front page editorial on ‘GRIND,’ pictured wearing the aforementioned colourway for this – skyrocketing the hype for the Supreme Box Logo.

Which colourway are you most hyped for?

How to set up SupremeSlayer for the Bogos

A detailed guide for the most hyped release!

If you are looking to cop a Supreme Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt, or five, or ten, then read our guide on the best way to set up multiple checkout profiles and releases for SupremeSlayer. Due to Supreme rules, they disallow the purchasing of multiple identical products, and this includes different colourways and sizes; so if you are thinking of trying to cop two Bogo colourways with one checkout profile, then think again!

If you are planning on just going for the one Bogo, but you have not decided on the colour, then we suggest setting up multiple releases for each colourway with the one checkout profile. If one of those releases checks out successfully, the other releases will give a duplicate order error and the tasks will abort themselves automatically. Please see Images 1 and 2 for setting up this way.

If you are planning on using multiple checkout profiles and you want to put these on multiple colourways, you can either create separate releases for each colourway and put all checkout profiles in this release (see Image 3 and 4) or you can create separate releases for each colourway with each checkout profile (see Images 5 and 6).

Please note, running any of the above completely depends on the tier you have and you will need to stay within your task limit. Keywords will be released later and can be found here. We also recommend running at least a 2:1 task to proxy ratio, but 1:1 will be best for a hyped release such as this; please also remember to input a global proxy for each release you create. The checkout delay can be set from anything from 0-3 seconds for this release. Make sure you take a look at all the documentation available for SupremeSlayer and learn how to run a release correctly here.

Don’t forget that you only need to start your tasks 15-30 seconds before the release!

Please note: These are just guidelines and do not guarantee a successful checkout on a bogo.