Continuing their longstanding relationship with The North Face, this collection features waterproof summer wear in the shape of a Backpack and a Waist Bag.

Photographer Jim Krantz iconic cowboy imagery has been translated onto a Cowboy Denim Work Jacket and a Cowboy Shirt. For Jim Krantz, it was a welcome opportunity to re-contextualise his imagery with these new photos, shot and produced by Krantz from 2011-2016, capture the legendary swagger and wide-open adventure of the West – and on these fresh “canvases” lend that spirit to urban cowboys around the world.

Alongside these collaborations are the Sleeve Tape Anorak in four colourways, Split Logo Water Shorts, also available in four colourways, a Small Box Zip Up Sweat and the Supreme/BMI Pocket Measuring Tape.

Supreme Keywords

Supreme/The North Face/Jim Krantz Keywords

*Note: The keywords can be used in the following format: Example: box+logo+tee, bogo+tee

Supreme/The North Face Items

The North Face Waterproof Waist Bag: north+face+waist

Colours: Woodland Camo, Black, Red

The North Face Waterproof Backpack: north+face+back

Colours: Woodland Camo, Black, Red

Supreme/Jim Krantz Items

Cowboy Denim Work Jacket: cowboy+denim

Colour: Multi

Cowboy Shirt: cowboy+shirt

Colour: Multi

Supreme Items

Sleeve Tape Anorak: sleeve+tape

Colour: Magenta, Aqua, White, Black

Small Box Zip Up Sweat: box+zip

Colours: Black, Heather Grey, Aqua, Pale Yellow, Navy, Cardinal, White, Dusty Pink

Split Logo Water Shorts: split+water

Colours: Black, Red, Teal, Gold

Stripe Rib Waffle S/S Top: stripe+waffle

Colours: Pink, Green, Navy, White, Black

Shadow Stripe Tee: shadow+stripe

Colours: Pink, Brown, Grey

Pique Angler Camp Cap: angler+camp

Colours: Red, Green, Coral, Navy, White, Black

Ripple Camp Cap: ripple+camp

Colours: Red, Blue, Black

Orgy Magnet: orgy

BMI Pocket Measuring Tape: pocket+tape

Please be aware that these keywords are not 100% confirmed.