The Spring/Summer 2017 collaboration with Maurits Cornelis Escher, also known as M.C.Escher, sees inspiration from mathematics entwined into clothing as art. Hyperbolic geometry, tessellations and optical illusions all play their part in Week 11’s release, with inspiration taken from both natural and architectural elements from his travels in Europe. The detailed and surreal illustrations became his definitive style and are now recognised the world over.

The collections features his artwork on a lightweight Trench Coat, cotton Baseball Jersey, twill Short, Hooded Sweatshirt, two short sleeve T-Shirts, one long sleeve T-Shirt and a Camp Cap.

The collaboration drops in the New York, London and Paris stores, and online, on May 4th. The collection will be available in Japan on May 6th.

Alongside the collaboration, the drop list this week also includes a Supreme reflective half zip Pullover Jacket, terry Crewneck, long and short-sleeved Tees, and terry Shorts. Accessories include reflective and Eastern floral caps and the bamboo beaded curtain.

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Supreme Keywords

Supreme x M.C.Escher Keywords

*Note: The keywords can be used in the following format: Example: box+logo+tee, bogo+tee

Supreme x M.C Escher Items

Trench Coat: Escher+trench+coat

Baseball Jersey: Escher+baseball

Twill Shorts: Escher+twill

Hooded Sweatshirt: Escher+hood

Collage Tee: Escher+collage+tee

Three Spheres Tee: Escher+spheres+tee

Eyes Longsleeve Tee: Escher+eyes+tee

Camp Cap: Escher+camp

Supreme Items

Reflective Half Zip Pullover: reflective+pullover

Full Stripe LS Tee: stripe+tee

Terry Shorts: terry+short

Terry Crewneck: terry+crewneck

Overdyed Pocket Tee: overdyed+tee

Bamboo Beaded Curtain: bamboo+beaded

Please be aware that these keywords are not 100% confirmed.