Supreme Keywords

Fall/Winter 2017 – Week Two

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Jackets, Shirts, Pants…

…Tops and Sweaters

Category: Jackets

Contrast Stitch Pullover: contrast+stitch | Colours: black, navy, orange, purple

Digi Camo MA-1: digi+camo | Colours: navy digi camo, tan digi camo, pink digi camo

Velvet Trucker Jacket: velvet+trucker | Colours: black sacred hearts, navy, dusty pink

Chief Harrington Jacket: chief | Colours: black, white, light navy, orange

Category: Shirts

Colour Blocked Work Shirt: blocked+work | Colours: black, green, red

Painted Floral Rayon Shirt: painted+floral | Colours: olive, purple

Category: Tops/Sweaters

Glitter Arc Football Top: glitter+arc | Colours: black, white, navy, red, green, light blue

Best in the World L/S Tee: best+world | Colours: black, white, light cardinal, pale orange, pale olive, dusty pink

Love Supreme Sweater: love | Colours: black, white, green, pink

Athletic Label L/S Top: athletic | Colours: black, white, navy, burgundy, orange, pink, ash grey, dusty teal

Striped L/S Top: striped | Colours: black, white, dusty purple, olive

Category: Sweatshirts

Compact Logo Hooded Sweatshirt: compact+logo | Colours: black, white, navy, red, dark olive, bright orange, pale violet

Paisley Fuck Em All Hooded Sweatshirt: paisley+fuck | Colours: black, ash grey, navy, red, pale pink, plum, rust, yellow

Polo Crewneck: polo+crew | Colours: black, white, navy

Category: Pants

Cargo Pant: cargo | Colours: navy digi camo, tan digi camo, pink digi camo, black

Shoes, Hats and Accessories

Dr. Martens ‘Sacred Heart’ 3-Eye Shoe

Category: Shoes

Dr. Martens 3-Eye ‘Sacred Heart’ custom shoe: martens | Colours: black, green, oxblood

Category: Hats

Washed Chino Twill Camp Cap: washed+chino | Colours: black, white, navy, red, pine, desrt camo

Arabic Logo 6-Panel: arabic+logo | Colours: black, white, navy, red, dark green, orange

Global Corduroy 6-Panel: corduroy | Colours: black, white, navy, red, dusty teal, orange, brown

Loose Gauge Arc Beanie: loose | Colours: black, navy, red, emerald green, gold, purple

I Love NY Beanie: love+beanie | Colours: black, white, navy, red, green, pink, woodland camo

Category: Accessories

NB. Colours not required for chopsticks or sake set

Chopsticks: chopsticks | Colours: red

Sake Set: sake | Colours: white

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