Supreme Keywords

Fall/Winter 2017 – Week Three

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Jackets, Sweatshirts, Pants

…Shirts, Tops and Sweaters

Category: Jackets

Piping Track Jacket: piping+track | Colours: black, white, red, teal

Leopard Fleece Reversible Jacket: leopard Colours: black, red, teal

Hooded Chore Coat: hooded+chore | Colours: black, teal, dusty rose, blue

Category: Sweatshirts

2-Tone Half Zip Sweatshirt: half+zip | Colours: black, navy, bright orange, red, rust

Embroidered Brush Logo Hooded Sweatshirt: brush+logo | Colours: black, white, navy, ice blue, burgundy, dark olive, yellow

Striped Crewneck: striped+crew | Colours: black, white, peach, royal

Category: Tops/Sweaters

Hooded Hockey Jersey: hockey | Colours: black, white, royal, burgundy

Tape Stripe L/S Pique Top: tape+stripe | Colours: black, white, red, yellow, mint, woodland camo

Small Box Pique Tee: small+box | Colours: black, white, navy, red, dark green, dark purple, peach, dark yellow, slate

Ribbed Velour Crewneck: ribbed | Colours: black, white, navy, dark green, burgundy, peach

Category: Shirts

Waste Work Shirt: waste+work | Colours: black, light navy, dusty purple, burnt orange, light green

Cheetah Pile Zip Up Shirt: cheetah | Colours: black, cheetah

Category: Pants

Piping Track Pant: piping+track | Colours: black, white, red, teal

Shoes, Hats and Accessories

Supreme/Nike SB Air Force 2

Category: Shoes

Nike SB Air Force 2: force | Colours: brown, orange, yellow, teal

Category: Hats

Reflective Loose Gauge Beanie: reflective | Colours: black, white, navy, red, orange, brown, pink

Washed Nylon Camp Cap: washed | Colours: black, navy, red, orange, olive

Gonz Heads Camp Cap: gonz | Colours: black, white, plum, moss

Grid Logo Beanie: grid | Colours: black, dark green, royal, orange, burgundy, light purple

Pledge Allegiance 6-Panel: pledge | Colours: black, white, red, light blue, burnt orange, pink

Category: Accessories

Inflatable Blimp: blimp | Colours: white

Quiet Carry Knife: knife | Colours: red

Diamond Cut Zippo: diamond+zippo | Colours: gold, silver

Embossed Keychain: embossed | Colours: red, bright green

Shit Pin: shit | Colours: black

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