Supreme Keywords

Fall/Winter 2017 – Week Ten

Please note that keywords are not 100% confirmed. You can learn more about using keywords here.

Jackets, Sweatshirts, Pants…

…Shirts, Tops and Sweaters

Category: Jackets

Trail Running Jacket: trail+jacket | Colours: black, pink, green, blue

Hooded Logo Half Zip Pullover: hooded+zip+pullover | Colours: black, yellow+camo, orange

Plaid Shearling Bomber: plaid+bomber | Colours: brown+plaid, red+plaid

Category: Sweatshirts

Champion Arc Logo Zip Up Sweat: champion+logo+zip | Colours: black, ash+grey, navy, red, brown, light+pink, dark+green, bright+green

Polartec Deep Pile Crewneck: polartec+pile | Colours: black, natural, navy, red, peach, sulphur

Category: Tops/Sweaters

Raised Stripe L/S Top: raised+stripe | Colours: black, tan, yellow, rust

Velour L/S Polo: velour+polo | Colours: black, dark+teal, dark+magenta, pea+green, peach

Category: Shirts

Hooded Fleece Nylon Shirt: fleece+shirt | Colours: black, white, green, pink

Category: Pants

Trail Running Pants: trail+pants | Colours: black, pink, green, blue

We advise to keep checking back prior to the release as keywords may be updated. Colourways can be confirmed after EU release.

Category: Shoes

Nike Air Humara: nike+humara | Colours: black, pink, green, blue

Category: Hats

Trail Running Hat: trail+hat | Colours: black, pink, green, blue

Boucle Houndstooth Camp Cap: houndstooth+cap | Colours: black, neon, navy

Champion 5-Panel: champion+panel | Colours: black, white, navy, red, heather+grey, rust, pink

Category: Accessories

Gonz Ramm Keychain: gonz+keychain | Colours: blue, white

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