Supreme Keywords

Fall/Winter 2017 – Week Seven

Please note that keywords are not 100% confirmed. You can learn more about using keywords here.

Jackets, Sweatshirts. Pants…

…Shirts, Tops and Sweaters

Category: Jackets

Supreme/Stone Island Lamy Cover Stampato Puffy Jacket: stone+island+puffy | Colours: black, copper

Supreme/Stone Island Poly Cover Composite Anorak: stone+island+anorak | Colours: black, teal, yellow 

Shop Jacket: shop | Colours: black, white, olive, light navy, light maroon, royal stewart

Category: Sweatshirts

Supreme/Stone Island Hooded Sweatshirt: stone+island+hooded | Colours: black, white, olive, magenta, orange 

Reflective Excellence Hooded Sweatshirt: reflective+excellence | Colours: black, white, navy, red, royal, moss green, pale pink 

Category: Tops/Sweaters

Supreme/Stone Island S/S Top: stone+island+top | Colours: black, white, olive, magenta, orange 

Arc Logo L/S Thermal: arc+logo+thermal | Colours: black, white, navy, red, woodland camo, light purple, yellow, heather grey

Split Pique Crewneck: split+pique | Colours: black, tan, pink

Daggers L/S Top: daggers+top | Colours: white, dark pink, black 

Category: Shirts

God Bless Plaid Flannel Shirt: god+plaid |  Colours: black, gold, rose, royal

Category: Pants

Supreme/Stone Island Sweatpant: stone+island+sweatpant | Colours: black, white, olive, magenta, orange 

Daggers Pant: daggers+pant | Colours: white, dark pink, black

Corduroy Work Pant: corduroy | Colours: black, ivory, slate, dark red, peach, brown

We advise to keep checking back prior to the release as keywords may be updated. Colourways can be confirmed after EU release.

Hats and Accessories…

…keep it locked.

Category: Hats

Supreme/Stone Island Lamy 6-Panel: stone+island+panel | Colours: black, copper

Heather Loose Gauge Beanie: heather+beanie | Colours: heather black, heather navy, heather green, heather peach, heather gold, heather maroon, heather peach

Side Zip Camp Cap: side+zip | Colours: black, desert camo, denim, navy, red, pale lime, light peach

Repeat Beanie: repeat+beanie | Colours: black, white, red

Leaf Beanie: leaf+beanie | Colours: black, white, royal, red, peach – not released in EU

Category: Accessories

Lock Box: lock+box | Colours: red

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