Original artwork from the Japanese manga series


Exclusively for Supreme

The Supreme/AKIRA drop was rumoured to be dropping early 2018 after a Fiat 500 car was parked up in Paris adorned with the Supreme logo and the hashtag of #Akira2018. However, today Supreme announced that their long-awaited collaboration will be dropping this week.

AKIRA was a Japanese manga series created by Katsuhiro Otomo that spanned eight years from 1982-1990 and focuses on a post-apocalyptic Tokyo where drug usage, gang violence and anti-government terrorism are rife within society.

Supreme have worked with Katsuhiro Otomo for the Supreme/AKIRA capsule which features original artwork from the series and consists of: a Fishtail Parka, Work Jacket, Coveralls, Jacquard Long Sleeve Top, Soccer Top, two Hooded Sweatshirts, a Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt, four Short Sleeve T-Shirts, a Long Sleeve T-Shirt, a 5-Panel Hat, two Skateboard Decks and a Ceramic Plate and Tray.

The collection will be available in-store and online in NY, LA, Brooklyn, London and Paris on Thursday 2nd November; Japan will be able to purchase both online and in-store on Saturday 4th September.

What else will drop this week?

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TeamSlayer will be posting more information and keywords regarding Week Eleven of Supreme’s F/W 2017 season here. What else do you want to see dropping this week?

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