Supreme Keywords

Fall/Winter 2017 – Week Eight

Please note that keywords are not 100% confirmed. You can learn more about using keywords here.

Jackets, Sweatshirts. T-Shirts…

…Pants, Shirts, Tops and Sweaters

Category: Jackets

Scarface Embroidered Leather Jacket: scarface+leather  | Colours: black

Puffy Hockey Pullover: puffy+hockey | Colours: black, white, royal, dark green

Polartec Harrington Jacket: polartec+harrington | Colours: black, navy, sulphur, orange, pink

Hooded Suede Work Jacket: hooded+suede | Colours: black, orange, tree camo

Category: Sweatshirts

Scarface The World is Yours Hooded Sweatshirt: scarface+world+hooded | Colours: multicolor

Scarface Friend Hooded Sweatshirt: scarface+friend+hooded | Colours: black, white, magenta

Category: Tops/Sweaters

Scarface Sweater: scarface+sweater | Colours: black

Scarface Hockey Jersey: scarface+hockey | Colours: black, white

Playboy Waffle Thermal: playboy+waffle | Colours: black, white, light blue

Velour Snap Henley: velour+henley | Colours: black, white, purple

Metallic L/S Top: metallic | Colours: black, white, navy, heather grey, red, heather magenta, heather orange, heather kelly green, heather pale yellow

Category: T-Shirts

Scarface Split Tee: scarface+split+tee | Colours: black, white, red, heather grey

Scarface Blimp Tee: scarface+blimp | Colours: black, white, red, heather grey

Scarface Friend Tee: scarface+friend+tee | Colours: black, white, red, heather grey

Scarface Shower Tee: scarface+shower+tee | Colours: black, white, red, heather grey

Category: Shirts

Hooded Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt: buffalo+plaid | Colours: black, red, multicolor

Category: Pants

Playboy Waffle Thermal Pant: playboy+waffle+pant: Colours: black, white, light blue

We advise to keep checking back prior to the release as keywords may be updated. Colourways can be confirmed after EU release.

Hats, Skate and Accessories…

…Light up your World

Category: Accessories

Scarface The World is Yours Desk Lamp: scarface+lamp | Colours: multicolor

Category: Hats

Scarface Beanie: scarface+beanie | Colours: black, white

Polartec Ear Flap New Era: polartec+ear | Colours: black, white, navy, red, orange, sulphur

Checker Weave Camp Cap: checker+weave | Colours: black, white, brown, royal, pink

Waffle Cord Classic Logo 6-Panel: waffle+cord | Colours: black, white, orange, teal, red, purple

Paisley 5-Panel: paisley | Colours: blue, white

Wool Jacquard Beanie: wool+jacquard | Colours: black, red, gold, dark green, light blue

Category: Skate

Scarface Split Skateboard: scarface+split+skate 

Scarface Shower Skateboard: scarface+shower+skate 

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