The End of the Supreme F/W Season

What was your favourite item?

Supreme F/W 2017

What did you cop with SupremeSlayer?

Supreme ended their Fall/Winter 2017 season a bit later this year after Christmas on Thursday 28th December for Europe and America, whilst Japan’s season finished on Saturday 30th December, following 19 weeks of releases. Supreme announced some surprise collaborations, as well as some firm favourites amongst fans including The North Face, Stone Island and Nike.

Supreme also released a variety of obscure and collectable accessories this season including a sled, chopsticks, an inflatable blimp and a blade clipper. Much like the Supreme/Coleman Mini Bike last season, the Supreme/Fender Stratocaster was only available in limited quantity.

Supreme fans were treated to a two-part collaboration with The North Face, as well as Stone Island, Nike and Japanese Manga series AKIRA over the season. Customers using SupremeSlayer checked out over 15,000 items from the Supreme online store over the course of season, so what was the favourite piece you copped?

Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2018

No renewal fees for SupremeSlayer

Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2018 season usually starts in early February and runs until the end of June. Repeat collaborators such as The North Face, Stone Island and Nike will most likely be dropping, and there is usually some new collaborations to be seen. Once again, Supreme will be debuting some quirky accessories that are sure to sell out in seconds.

SupremeSlayer does not charge a renewal fee for each Supreme season, so you can still buy now and use it again when the Spring/Summer season comes around.